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Our Service

Are you looking to take your marketing game to the next level?

Every business has its own distinct personality, set of objectives, and ROI.


We want to understand your brand story and work closely with you to execute an effective advertising campaign that effectively reaches your target audience.

(Subscription Package)

Campaign Management Service

Our Self-Managed Plan allows subscribed merchants on the smartKOL platform to post job listings for influencers to apply and manage their own campaigns with customizable features.

SmartKOL Campaign Management Service provides the best hassle-free solution to your KOL campaigns. We will monitor and track the progress of your campaigns to ensure delivery of brand awareness results.

Why do you need us?

In the era of information explosion on the internet, businesses can no longer afford to wait passively. SmartKOL's influencer marketing solution is an essential tool for proactive business expansion.

Creating Demand for YOU

Influencers create and promote high-quality content to a large number of fans, capturing their attention. This quickly establishes consumer brand awareness and stimulates audience interest, driving consumer behavior towards your brand.

Fulfilling Your Needs

Consumers seek more authentic recommendations from the masses. With KOL Agent's assistance, you can create superior user experiences online, leading to long-term brand search optimization.

>Simple & Easy

Create Collab Request ->  Recruit Influencer ->  Experience -> Promote

Plan published within 1 day

Recruitment and selection completed within 5 days

Experience and promotion completed within 10 days

More Collaboration
High-Quality Influencer Marketing 

SmartKOL is a highly active marketing matchmaking platform where you can directly see numerous ongoing collaborations on our homepage. We have a large number of business demands and high-quality influencers engaging in continuous business partnerships.

Official Certification

We have obtained official certifications from mainstream social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Our influencers also go through official authorization to ensure their identities are not impersonated.

More Data Provide

Having just "follower count" is not enough. To minimize misjudgment of fake followers, we provide information on engagement metrics. Additionally, our AI analysis of influencer characteristics allows businesses to make more precise collaboration choices.

Guaranty Quality

We encourage creators to achieve better business results before joining our platform. Most creators on our platform have a following of over a thousand.


Get to Know More

Don't miss the opportunity to experience this ultimate platform! Contact us now and we'll be happy to address any inquiries you may have.

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